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Obsolete Missouri Currency: OBSMO4 - 1859 - $5.00 - St. Louis RR - $65

Obsolete Missouri Currency: OBSMO5 - 1859 - $10.00 - St. Louis RR - $85

Slavery Documents: SD25) Iredell County (Statesville/Mooresville) North Carolina slave Bill of Sale dated November 11th, 1859. $1,200 "for a Negro Boy named Sandy which said Negro I warrant to be sound in body and mind and the title good". Nice and clean on blue paper.....$225

Silver Coins: 1865 - P - 50 cents - Seated Liberty Half Dollar - $250

Confederate Treasury Bonds: CR12) $500 Treasury Bond. Center vignette of Commerce and train, Indian warrior lower left and Indian Princess lower right. Amsterdam stamp upper left corner. Only 319 issued. Printed by Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond Va.....$400

Advertising Notes: ADV4A - 1864 - $20.00 - T-67/Kimball House - $85

Confederate Treasury Notes (Counterfeit Examples): CT-29A - 1861 - $10.00 - Negro Picks Cotton - $195

Confederate Treasury Notes (Counterfeit Examples): CT-25 - 1861 - $10.00 - Hope with Anchor - $100

Treasury Officials Autographs: C. Douglas Dillon (Geneva, Switzerland). Clarence Douglas Dillon served as Secretary of the Treasury 1961-1965 during the Administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Offered here is a large signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph, and a one dollar bill with his engraved signature.....$95

Confederate Generals Autographs: Boggs, William R. (Georgia) Chief of Engineers and Artillery on the staff of General Bragg and later Chief of Staff to Kirby Smith in the Dept. of Trans Mississippi. Offered here is a bank check drawn on a St. Louis bank both payable and signed by him. (2 signatures). Dated June 29th, 1874. Two Cents revenue stamp present. Matted with a black and white glossy photograph.....$175

Treasury Officials Autographs: Joseph W. Barr (Indiana) Served as Secretary of the Treasury for one month Dec.21, 1968 until January 20, 1969 in Lyndon Johnson's cabinet. His engraved signature is only on the one dollar denomination of that period. Offered here is his signature on card stock matted between his color portrait above and one of his signature dollar bills.....$95

Confederate Generals Autographs: Dickison, John J. (Va./SC/Fla.) Listed in More Generals in Gray and also SHSP. Most reports have him a captain or colonel. Affectionally nicknamed "Swamp Fox" referring to his daring raids behind Union lines along the St. John's River. Offered here is A Document Signed U.S. Mail Line dated Sept. 1st, 1855 from Palatka Florida to Ocala Florida. Rather nice condition overall.....$595

Union Leaders Autographs: Cooper, Peter (New York) (1791-1883). Industrialist and inventor, best known for designing and building the first steam locomotive in the United States. Real photo cdv by famed photographer Jeremiah Gurney of New York matted with large dark signature.....$175

Union Leaders Autographs: Bryant, William Cullen (Massachusetts) journalist, poet, editor of New York Evening Post. Credited with influencing Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. Bold signature card dated 1875 matted with an original steel plate engraving by Johnson, Fry & Co. dated 1862.....$125

Treasury Officials Autographs: William Stark Rosecrans (Ohio), served as Register of the Treasury (1885-1893) in the Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison Administrations. However he is best known for his record in the U.S. Army serving as a Major General during the American Civil War. Offered here is a signed and dated card of introduction matted with a glossy portrait.....$195

James Garfield Autographs: A Letter Signed on Washington D.C. letterhead dated January 13th, 1873 neatly matted with a real photo CDV.....$425

Confederate Generals Autographs: Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant (Louisiana). Nice clean and dark signature matted with a wartime cdv of the general in his CSA uniform.....$300

Obsolete Connecticut Currency: OBSCT9A - 1825 - $5 - Hartford - $35

Obsolete Kentucky Currency: OBSKY2A - 1818 - $1.00 - Covington - $35

Confederate Generals Autographs: Bee, Hamilton P. (South Carolina/Texas) Autographed document signed. Republic of Texas, Houston, 1838, nicely matted with a color glossy photograph of General Bee in his Confederate uniform.....$295

Obsolete Georgia Currency: OBSGA198A - 1849 - $20.00 - Planters Bank (Hugh W. Mercer) - $135

Texas Currency: TX13A - 1838 - $46.93 - Rep. of Texas, Houston Hamilton Bee - $275

Confederate Generals Autographs: Green, Thomas (Texas). Nice war date signature, dark and clean. Matted with a black & white glossy. I have had several signatures over the years but all have been pre-war as clerk of the Texas court. There are sadly no post-war signatures as he was KIA 1864 at Blair's Landing, Louisiana. I can offer this wardate signature.....$250

Confederate Generals Autographs: Steuart, George Hume (Maryland) Signature as Brigadier General matted with a b/w glossy portrait.....$275

Treasury Officials Autographs: Levi Woodbury (New Hampshire) He served as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1834 - 1841 in both the administrations of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Woodbury's political career included the office of U.S. Senator, Governor of New Hampshire, Secretary of the Navy, and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1845 until his death in 1851. Offered here is the signed portion of a Treasury Department document dated 1838 with the Treasury Department paper seal attached.....$225

Obsolete Maryland Currency: OBSMD9A - 1851 - 25 cents - Baltimore & Ohio R. R. - $195

Obsolete Maryland Currency: OBSMD14A - 185_ - $5 - Cumberland - $60

Obsolete New Jersey Currency: OBSNJ11 - 18__ - $3 - New Brunswick - $85

Obsolete Louisiana Currency: OBSLA61A - 1862 - $3 - Clinton - $295

Obsolete Indiana Currency: OBSIN15 - 1819 - $5 - Vincennes - $85

Obsolete South Carolina Currency: OBSSC25A - 1859 - $5.00 - Planters & Mechanics - $395

Confederate Generals Autographs: Tilghman, Lloyd (Maryland/Kentucky) Commissioned Brigadier General on October 18th, 1861. His service to the Confederacy was primarily in Tennessee and Mississippi. He was KIlled in Action during the Battle of Champion's Hill in Mississippi. Signature with rank clipped from a Confederate document. Matted with a copy of a cdv photograph housed in an antique album page.....$595

Missouri Currency: MO2 - 186_ - $1 - State of Missouri (Jefferson City) - $125

Missouri Currency: MO6A - 186_ - $4.50 - State of Missouri (Jefferson City) - $250

Missouri Currency: MO11 - 1862 - $10 - (Grey paper) State of Missouri (Jefferson City) - $125

Confederate CDV's M thru Z: LT) Lloyd Tilghman (Maryland/Kentucky) Commissioned Brigadier General on October 18th, 1861. His service to the Confederacy was primarily in Tennessee and Mississippi. He was KIlled in Action during the Battle of Champion's Hill in Mississippi. Very nice real photo cdv published by Anthony during the War.....$350

Confederate Generals Autographs: Lee, Stephen D. Lee (South Carolina) Full signature matted with a copy CDV photograph housed in an antique album page.....$175

Confederate Generals Autographs: Vance, Robert, Signature matted with a black & white glossy photograph.....$125

Confederate Treasury Notes: T38 - 1861 - $2.00 - South Striking Union - $2,450

Union Generals Autographs: Hartsuff, William (Michigan), Clip.....$89

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